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15January 15, 2020

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

When we apply artificial intelligence in sales and marketing, it allows us to know our audience and offer what they need. In addition, it facilitates the sales process and deals with…

Artificial Intelligence
05December 5, 2019

WordPress & Your Business’ Growth

WordPress manages a third of the 10 million most popular websites on the Internet, establishing itself as a leader in this sector. It also dominates other markets, such as…

23August 23, 2019

How to create better retail experiences

Naturally, there are various ways to engage on a more personal level with your customers and end users. Although this is true, the one common denominator among those who lead in their industries is that…

Create Better Retail Experiences
26June 26, 2019

3 ways to improve fulfillment in retail

Specialty stores who use a single view of customers across channels to analyze preferences are experiencing sales increases of 2.1x more than those who are not employing a similar tactic. Imagine getting a promotional e-mail from one of your favorite stores about a product you’ve been eye-balling for the last few weeks. On your way home from work, you decide…

improve fulfillment in retail
21June 21, 2019

How to improve client engagement through transparency

By creating windows into and out of processes, customers can see and appreciate the value of the service or product they’re purchasing while allowing the people working behind the scenes to see the people that their efforts are affecting…

improve customer experiences